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    • An image of a short appreciation note from a Dutch couple.A Testimony of a Good Time at Massimo's Front Side
      Another shot of the same acknowledgement from a Dutch couple for Massimo.
    • An image of appreciation note from an Italian patron.An Appreciation For Good Food
      Another proof of customer's who appreciate the great dining experience at Massimo Italian Restaurant Bali.
    • An image of a written compliment written in Italian on a piece of paper.In Praise of Massimo's Great Food
      Another praise by a satisfied customer from Italy.
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      A complimentary note for great food and service from a couple from India.
    • An image of an appreciation note from a Dutch couple.A Testimony of a Good Time at Massimo's Sideways
      Massimo Italian Restaurant has yet impressed another couple from Holland with the excellent authentic Italian food.
    • An image of hand written compliment from a French patron.Written Compliment From Massimo's French Patron
      Complimenting Massimo's excellence food and service.
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      A scribble on the bill by guest.
    • An image of a small piece of paper with a note from a guest from JapanAnother Thank You Note to Massimo
      A written gratitude by a guest from Japan for the wonderful dish at Massimo Italian Restaurant.
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      A written compliment and a business offer in one small paper.
    • An image of written appreciation from guest to Massimo.Great Dining Experience in Written Testimonial
      A token of appreciation from guest, written on a piece of paper.
    • An image of a thank you letter from a guest couple.A Thank You Note for A Lovely Dinner
      A note from a guest couple for a great dining experience at Massimo Italian Restaurant Bali.
    • An image of another hand written compliment for Massimo.More Compliment of Massimo's Italian Guest
      A written compliment by another satisfied Italian guest.
    • An image of written compliment in Italian by patrons.A Compliment in Italian
      Happy faces saying thank you to Massimo in Italian.
    • An image of a postcard from Italy saying praises for a great time at Massimo.A Post Card from A Patron
      The great dining experience lasts long after the dining is over.
    • An image of a turtle drawing made by a young guest.A Turtle Drawing by Young Massimo's Guest
      A cute drawing by a young Massimo's guest.

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Italian Specialties
Introducing some of Massimo’s best treats.

Massimo draws his inspiration from the culinary tradition of his hometown in Southern Italy. He serves the mainstays of traditional Italian food, which do not only bear an authentic look, but also has the real taste of homemade Italian fares.

“I don’t do fancy food. I just love to carefully pick my produce and ingredients. That’s how you get meals that taste real.”, says Massimo.

Excellent Italian cuisine starts with the love for the product, yet Massimo’s singular approach doesn’t stop there. Time, he adds, is also a major factor in creating an exceptional taste.

Commitment to quality implies no frozen processed ingredients and no pre-chopped produce. During peak hours, it could mean a little more waiting time, yet, as many satisfied customers would readily attest, it worths every minute of it.

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Massimo Sacco & The Staff
Bringing great food with a smile.

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Massimo Italian Restaurant, in Sanur, Bali, has been serving authentic Italian cuisine in the culinary tradition of Southern Italy for more than two decades. Our running success can be attributed to the owner Massimo Sacco from a coastal town in the southeastern region of Italy known as Lecce.

Chef Massimo began his delicious career in a culinary school in Italy. After graduating with honors, he furthered his skill at hotels and restaurant in Isle of Man, London and Frankfurt – before joining several international cruise liners.

Today, the chef’s love for good food – Southern Italian dishes in particular – comes through in the simple, light, Mediterranean-influenced menu. Here, to keep it fresh, each dish is prepared when you order – to maintain the freshness of even the scantiest of ingredients.

Yet, from years of experience, Chef Massimo knows that a great meal alone is not enough to put the restaurant on the map like it is today without the best ambiance in the kitchen and the restaurant as a whole. He is, of course, referring to the women and men who help him serve the best Italian food in Bali.

“I know it’s a cliché to say that, but we’re all one big family here. I speak Indonesian, so there isn’t any communication problem, and most of the times we all feel like we’re happily sharing a home”, he says.

The smiling staff around the restaurant is a testament to that. You will immediately feel this family atmosphere every time you visit Massimo Italian Restaurant.

Chef Massimo Sacco

    • An image of the kitchen staff holding a big fresh fish.The Kitchen Staff Are Happy with a Big Fresh Tuna
      The kitchen staff showing off with a big fresh Tuna.
    • An image of Massimo Sacco giving instructions to a female kitchen staff.Chef Massimo's Hands On Approach
      Chef Massimo likes to get involved in making the authentic Italian dishes that his restaurant is famous for.
    • An image of Massimo Sacco giving instruction to the staff.The Chef Giving Pointers To Massimo's Staff
      Massimo Sacco is known for his hands-on approach to the operation of the restaurant.
    • Another image of Chef Massimo giving instruction to his kitchen team.Chef Massimo Giving Pointers To His Kitchen Staff
      Chef Massimo trains his kitchen team to prepare authentic Italian meal
    • A picture of chef Massimo and his kitchen team preparing a dish.The Best Kitchen Team
      Chef Massimo and his kitchen team.
    • An image of a briefing session for Massimo's kitchen team.Chef Massimo In A Discussion With The Kitchen Staff
      The chef and a female Massimo's team member in a conversation.
    • An image of smiling Massimo Sacco among his kitchen team.Chef Massimo Smiling With His Kitchen Staff
      Chef Massimo is passionate about people as much as he is about the food.
    • Image of chef Massimo and his restaurant staff in BaliThe Chef and Massimo's Staff
      Chef Massimo and the friendly staff of Massimo Italian Restaurant serve the best authentic Italian cuisine in Bali.
    • A group photo of Massimo Sacco and his team in black and white.Black and White Massimo and Staff Group Photo
      Massimo Sacco and the lovely staff at Massimo Italian Restaurant.
    • A nice picture of two female staff smiling at the camera.The Smiling Massimo's Staff
      Two of Massimo Italian Restaurant's female staff smiling for the camera.
    • An image of Chef Massimo in a briefing with his kitchen team.In A Briefing With Massimo's Kitchen Staff
      Chef Massimo maintains communication with his kitchen team.
    • Kitchen crew posing before bringing the dishes out to the guests.The kitchen crew stand by Massimo Antipasti
      Good dishes need a good presentation
The Indoor Dining Area

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The Venue
The place to go for authentic Italian dining in Bali.

Massimo Italian Restaurant is located in Jalan Danau Tamblingan, one of the busiest tourist districts in Sanur.

Once you are in the area, just look for a mouth-watering display of gelato in front of our restaurant. A big showcase of authentic homemade gelato is set up right by the sidewalk, often attracting a small crowd. Choosing from refreshing desserts, they often enjoy right on the spot.

Our restaurant itself consists of two areas: Near the entrance is the garden sitting area with splaying tropical trees and plants giving shade. At night, this section is a favorite for those who want to have a romantic, candle-lit dinner. Further inside the establishment is the large, indoor sitting area. This section provides long tables; perfect for groups and families. Indeed, Massimo has long been the place to go for intimate family gatherings or festive celebrations. Whatever the occasion is, Massimo offers an unrivaled authentic Italian dining experience in a tasteful setting where there’s truly something for everybody.

Savory Secrets From Massimo’s Kitchen
Recreate the experience at home

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    • Chef Massimo with a Big Smile on His FaceChef Massimo with a Big Smile on His Face
      Chef Massimo and his staff is always happy to serve the best authentic Italian food to guests of his restaurant.
    • An Image of Chef Massimo looking sprightly to the camera.Chef Massimo With Two Hands on Cheeks
      Chef Massimo's hospitality around the restaurant helps to maintain genuine Italian dining experience.
    • A close up shot of Chef Massimo SaccoChef Massimo's Close Up
      Massimo Sacco looking forward to your visit to Massimo Italian Restaurant Bali.
    • A close up image of Chef Massimo from the side.Close up Profile of Massimo
      Chef Massimo believes in the simplicity of Italian cooking philosophy.
    • An image of Massimo Sacco looking up to the camera.Close up of Chef Massimo
      Chef Massimo want each and every one of the guests to his restaurant to enjoy the experience of authentic Italian dining.
    • An image of composed Massimo SaccoChef Massimo Sacco In The Kitchen
      The dishes at Massimo Italian Restaurant Bali are made with genuine Italian cooking tradition.
    • A close up image of the owner of Massimo Italian Restaurant BaliClose up of Chef Massimo Smiling
      Chef Massimo brings the long standing culinary tradition of Lecce in Southern Italy
    • An Image of Chef Massimo smiling and looking up to the camera.Chef Massimo's Beaming Smile
      Chef Massimo believes it's important to keep the atmosphere around the restaurant happy at all times.
    • A close up image of Chef Massimo in his kitchen.Massimo Sacco Somber Close up
      Chef Massimo smiling to the camera
    • A black and white image of Massimo Sacco.Black and White Chef Massimo Profile
      Massimo Sacco believes that excellent Italian cuisine requires time to prepare.
    • An image of Massimo Sacco looking with wide eye to the camera.Chef Massimo Somber Close up
      Chef Massimo is looking to treat his guests with the hospitality of his hometown of Lecce, Italy.
    • An image of Chef Massimo smiling with hand on cheek.Sideway Close up of Massimo Sacco
      Massimo Sacco's love for Italian food coupled with his careful approach during the preparation gives his creation a distinctly authentic Italian flavor.
    • An image of Massimo Sacco looking up to the camera.Close Up of Massimo Sacco
      The dishes at Massimo Italian Restaurant Bali are simple yet carefully prepared by chef Massimo's dedicated kitchen team.
    • A medium shot of Chef Massimo with his head resting on his fist.Chef Massimo Smiling with Arm on The Table
      Chef Massimo Smiling for The Camera in the indoor dining area.
    • An image of Massimo Sacco smiling with two hands on his chin.Medium Shot Somber Profile Shot of Massimo
      The cheerful Massimo Sacco in his kitchen.
    • A head shot of Chef Massimo Sacco.Medium Shot Profile of Chef Massimo
      Massimo Sacco will treat the guests of his restaurant with the genuine south Italy hospitality.
    • A sephia image of Chef Massimo Sacco.Massimo Sacco Profile Picture
      Chef Massimo's authentic Italian flavors are based on excellent choice of ingredient and simplicity.
    • Image of the smiling chef Massimo from the front.Medium Shot Chef Massimo Smiling
      Chef Massimo is proud to serve the best of Italian cuisine in Bali.
    • Image of Chef Massimo Sacco smiling at the camera with one hand on his cheek.Close up of Chef Massimo Profile
      Chef Massimo's presence define the warm hospitality at the restaurant.
    • portrait of Massimo's owner, chef Massimo SaccoPortrait of Chef Massimo
      Massimo Sacco brings the best of south Italian culinary tradition to Bali.
    • A very close head shot of Massimo Sacco smiling.Frontside Close up of Massimo Sacco
      Massimo Sacco's passion for food is surpassed only by his passion for people.
    • An Image of Chef Massimo sitting with his back to the sink.Chef Massimo Smiling By Frying Pans
      Chef Massimo with his big smile, standing next to some frying pans.
    • An image of Chef Massimo looking at the camera with one hand on his chin.Chef Massimo Hand on Chin
      Chef Massimo picks his ingredients carefully to produce the authentic taste of Italian cuisine.
    • A medium shot of Chef Massimo with one hand on his cheek.Chef Massimo Smiling by A Wall of Pictures
      Chef Massimo in front of a wall of pictures in the indoor dining area.
    • A medium shot of Chef Massimo smiling to the camera.Massimo Sacco Smiling in The Kitchen
      Chef Massimo in the kitchen where he prepares the best Italian food in Bali.
    • A shot of Chef Massimo smiling and resting his head on one hand.Massimo Sacco with a Big, Contented Smile
      Chef Massimo will welcome you at the restaurant with a big smile.
    • Massimo Sacco close up with tho hands on the cheek.Massimo Sacco Smiling by Memorabilia
      Chef Massimo smiling with a wall full of memorabilia in the background.
    • An image of Massimo Sacco smiling and glancing to the left.Massimo Glances to the Left
      Chef Massimo bases his culinary creation on original Italian cooking tradition.

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